Walsh Movers - Boston's Number One Mover
Walsh Movers - Boston's Number One Mover
William Walsh - President
A commercial moving and storage company that specializes in Commercial, Health Care, Institutional and Life Sciences relocations.

A History of Moving in Boston
William F. Walsh, President, and third generation

1924 Walsh Movers www.walshmovers.com

Walsh Movers specializes in delivering expert pre-move planning, scheduling, logistical management and budget preparation, to ensure your move occurs on time, within budget. We will analyze the options and make recommendations to provide the optimum solution to minimize disruption to business operations and staff. Our additional menu of services includes purging, on-site shredding, archive management, inventory, furniture breakdown and installation, move coordination, packing and tagging instructional meetings, system procedures, furniture and equipment storage, disconnects and reconnects.

1976 recordkeeper Records Management Systems www.recordkeeperrms.com

Specializing in retention and delivery of hard copy and retention of media

2004 iShred LLC www.ishredllc.com

Specializing in mobile and plant based document and information destruction. It takes 17 trees to manufacture 2000 pounds (one ton) of paper, and approximately 80 cubic feet of landfill space to dispose of this paper. iShred is solely responsible for the preservation of approximately 26,520 trees a year, and the saving of 124,800 cubic feet of landfill space on average each year.

2007 Crates for a Cure www.pinkcrates.com

The recyclable high density plastic Pink CratesSM stack (4) high and sit on a dolly for easy mobility.

WILLIAM WALSH INC. d/b/a Walsh Movers is a Massachusetts corporation, headquartered in Avon, MA. Since 1924, the Walsh family has provided quality-moving services in the New England area. Walsh Movers employs over 70 full and part time staff. We operate (40) vehicles and a facility of 160,000 square feet of storage. Our employees are all professionally trained Commercial Movers and members of the Furniture and Piano Moving, Furniture Store Drivers, Helpers, Warehousemen, and Packers, Local Union No. 82, affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America.

Our Mission

As a full service relocation and storage management solution servicing the New England region since 1924, we built our company partnering with our Clients and committing to you that we will: 

  • Apply effective and efficient business practices
  • Understand your needs today and anticipate tomorrow’s
  • Learn your business climate, cycles, and business drivers
  • Be sensitive to your Culture
  • Provide the latest in enhancements to technology and products
  • Deliver superior and innovative solutions
  • Adhere to the most stringent operational procedures
  • Utilize proven processes and best practices
  • Be prompt, and professional
  • Provide consistent and uninterrupted quality of goods and services
  • Think large, but act small and flexible
  • Embrace technology and change
Why Walsh?
  • We will take a comprehensive approach to your relocation to ensure a smooth transition 
  • We will be your trusted advisor for your move, your critical archives and your information security compliance because we are: Walsh Movers, iShred and recordkeeper - engage one yet we deliver the expertise of our combined practices 
  • We will establish communication between trades involved to ensure a team approach 
  • We will provide the most professional Staff and the latest technology
  • We will recommend the optimum solutions
  • We will put in place a scaleable team to provide you with maximum flexibility
Our Clients
Our Clients represent a cross-section of industries in the New England area.

  • Media and Advertising
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Institutional
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Health and Science
  • Non-profit
  • Industrial
  • Retail
William Walsh - President
William Walsh
Christine Multari - General Manager
David V. Ferracane
Vice President
WALSH MOVERS - Boston's Number One Mover
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